25 Life Lessons- Lesson 18

Lesson 18

It’s okay to have no plan.

It’s okay to just live in the moment and not knowing what will happen tomorrow. Life is never going to be certain and predictable no matter how much we try. Be spontaneous and open for new opportunities.




My 3 Favorite Apps For Self-Development

I try to stay away from my phone as much as possible. However sometimes the phone can be very useful as well. Here are 3 apps I use almost on a daily basis.

1. Bliss

Probably my favorite app. I use it every day. It is filled with all kinds of positive psychology and gratitude exercises. I especially use the ‘three good things’ section to write what I am grateful for everyday.

2. Headspace

A meditation app that works like a personal trainer for the mind. A great app for beginners to learn about mindfulness in only 10 minutes a day.

3. Audible

No time to read books? Well, then listen to them. Audible offers a huge collection of audiobooks. So you can listen easily to books while doing other tasks.

I hope these apps help you to stay balanced no matter how busy your lives are.




25 Life Lessons – Lesson 15

Lesson 15

Don’t take life so seriously.

Life is about having fun and don’t let your ego get in the way of it. Nothing needs to be perfect all the time. Let yourself go and enjoy life. Don’t be obsessed with perfection. Enjoy what you have got.



25 Life Lessons – Lesson 14

Lesson 14

Say no!

It is impossible to please everybody and sometimes we agree on things that we don’t like just to please others or make them happy. However that behavior is harming us. If you don’t like something or don’t agree with something, say no! It is okay to be selfish because you are the most important person in your life. The person you should first care for is yourself, only then you have all the strength to care for other people. If you exhaust yourself you are not helping anybody.