Asian Style Tofu

This is a recipe for a very easy but delicious vegan Asian stir fry with tofu.

Ingredients:      4 portions


250g Firm Tofu

100g Shiitake mushrooms

150g Mung beans

100g Snow peas

1 red Paprika

1 Celery Stick

2 Big Kale Leaves

100g Cashew Nuts

1 Big Tbsp Leek

1 Garlic Clove

3 Tbsp Mirin ( rice wine)

1 Tbsp Brown rice vinegar

3 Tbsp Tamari soy sauce

1-2 tsp Chinese 5 spice mix

250g  Rice (uncooked)


I used coconut oil to fry the tofu for ca. 4 minutes. Until it is golden.


The I added the garlic clove and all the other vegetables.  I fried the vegetables together with the tofu for ca. 7 minutes. At the same time I started to boil the rice.


Then I added Mirin, brown rice vinegar and Tamari soy sauce. I mixed it together with all the vegetables.




Then I added the Chinese 5 spice mix.

I stirred for a minute until the tofu and vegetables were nicely covered. Then I added the cashew nuts and stirred again for 1 minute.

Serve with the rice and enjoy 🙂







Raw & Vegan Energy Balls made with coconut flour and dates. 

I love to come home after work and snack on a couple of energy balls. Usually I am hungry and they fill me up just enough so I don’t feel stuffed before dinner. I created this recipe because  I wanted to use some of my coconut flour that I bought per accident. Sometimes I apparently can not differentiate between coco and cacao when buying stuff 🙂


  • 1 cup or 240 ml coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp cacao powder
  • 10 dates
  • 1 handful of raisins
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  • 1 tbsp agave syrup
  • 1/2 cup or 120 ml  water,  or as much as necessary so the balls stick together

Put all the ingredients in a blender. Then shape the paste into balls using your hands or a spoon. Refrigerate.

With love,


Milk – Biggest Lie Ever Told?

For generations we have been told that milk is good for us. However, that is one of the biggest lies ever told. Milk and all dairy products are making us sick. Milk is meant to feed a baby cow, so if you are not a baby cow you shouldn’t consume dairy products. Cow’s milk is as useless as giraffe milk are monkey milk, even though maybe monkey milk would actually make more sense. Don’t let the milk industry fool you. They don’t care about your health. They care about money.

Some facts about milk and dairy: 

  1. Milk facilitates the growth of cancer.  Casein a protein in dairy is associated with increased risks of cancer development.
  2. Dairy is often the cause of several immune-related disorders (ex. Type 1 Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis)
  3. Milk increases cholesterol levels.
  4. Milk contains microorganisms such as E.coli and Salmonella.
  5. Milk contains hormones. Milk contains huge amounts of estrogen and progesterone hormones, even when they are not added to the milk separately.
  6. Dairy products are full of pesticides.
  7. Antibiotic residues persist in milk. So you may have been taking antibiotics without even knowing it. Cows are given antibiotics to prevent diseases, because they are not fed and hold appropriately.
  8. Milk depletes the calcium from bones. Dairy can lead to bone problems, even though we have been told the opposite for decades. Higher milk intake is linked to an increased risk of bone fractures.
  9. Milk is linked to acne and obesity. Milk is meant to turn a small calf in a huge cow. So when consuming lots of dairy you are likely to end up gaining weight.
  10. Everybody is lactose intolerant. We are not meant to consume milk and dairy, that is why so many people are allergic to milk aka lactose intolerant.

So if you are not a calf, there is absolutely no need to drink milk. Contrary, the more dairy you consume the more harm you are causing.

On a site note, dairy is a product of rape, torture and slaughter. By buying dairy products, you are paying people to rape and impregnate a cow and to steal and slaughter her babies.

Nowadays, there are thousands of alternatives available. You can enjoy milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream without consuming dairy.

More information:

Happy World Vegan Day! – 10 facts about veganism

Becoming vegan almost two years ago was one of the best choices I have ever done. I have never felt and looked so good as I do now. Here are some facts about veganism.

  1. Yes, I do get enough protein. With a well-balanced plantbased diet it is nearly impossible to not get enough proteins.
  2. No, I don’t miss cheese. I feel very good not putting any saturated fat, pus and antibiotics into my body.
  3. I am not just eating salad. There are tons of delicious grains, legumes, veggies and fruits out there. In fact,  I don’t really eat salad at all.
  4. I am vegan for my health, the animals and the planet.
  5. I have more energy and I don’t feel stuffed. I can have a big meal and still have enough energy to go on with my day. I don’t feel bloated.
  6. It is an amazing feeling to know that my actions haven’t caused any suffering, rape or death.
  7. My mind is clearer. I am happier. 
  8. I mostly eat high carbohydrate and low fat meals. So carbs are my friends.
  9. I am slim and I don’t need to starve myself.
  10. I can eat pizza, ice-cream, cheese and cakes. All vegan of course.

For more information please check out those documentaries: Earthlings, Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy, available even on Netflix.