25 Life Lessons-Lesson 8

Lesson 8

Do what makes you happy every day! Don’t wait until it is too late!

You don’t know how much time you have got to live, so it is important to literally enjoy every single day. I have met so many people who worked and suffered every day hoping to be able to enjoy their retirement. However, many of those people died only a couple of years or even months after their retirement started. You don’t know what the future brings. You only got today, so make it count and enjoy it!




25 Life Lessons- Lesson 7

Lesson 7

It is okay to be lazy!

In our society nowadays we see it as a big achievement to be super busy. However, being busy does not increase our quality of life. Humans, as every other animal, need time to relax and just do nothing. Look at cats or dogs, they sleep almost all the time. It is okay to not be super busy, nothing to be ashamed of.



25 Life Lessons – Lesson 5

Lesson 5

Stop comparing yourself to others!

We are all from a different background and on a different journey. Nobody is like you and therefore it is unnecessary to compare yourself to others. We all possess special qualities that make us unique.



25 Life Lessons – Lesson 3

Lesson 3

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Yes I know, sometimes it is very difficult to be nice to people that just drive you crazy. However, believe me it is worth it. The energy we are sending out is always coming back towards us. So if we are sending out kindness and happiness it is most likely to return to us.



5 Minutes of Gratitude/ Morning Routine

Are you starting your day off right? Do you feel already angry when the alarm clock rings?

The way you start your day is crucial. So it is important to start the day off right. 5 minutes can change the whole day. I like to start my day with what I call ‘5 minutes of gratitude’ . As soon as I wake up, I remember the things I am grateful for and I actually feel grateful. I am thankful for my significant other, my dog, job, health… It doesn’t matter what you are grateful for, so go ahead and be grateful for your new pair of shoes. The importance is to really feel grateful, smile and be happy. Even if it is raining outside and you are still tired, there are many things you can be grateful for. If immediately after waking up doesn’t suit your schedule, you can do it even in the car or bus.

You have got an additional day in your life. A day that you can make a great day, if you choose to. So be happy and grateful. This energy will transform your whole day. Even if you have to do things you may not like, you have the choice to still enjoy them. Happiness is a feeling that comes from the inside, you don’t need anything to feel happy. Happiness is a choice.

I highly recommend to use those 5 minutes in the morning to make your whole day a positive experience.

with love and gratitude,