Life sucks! I get it. More than once everyone is going through a rough time. Life is not always easy and sometimes it just doesn’t make any sense.  However, no matter what is happening to us, we are left with exactly two choices.  Either we accept it and move on or fight against it and be miserable.

Life is unpredictable but these two choices bring the power back into our hands.  If we choose to accept and let go, we can free ourselves. No matter how miserable we feel, we cannot change the situation for the better. On the contrary, we are attracting more misery.

On the other hand, if we feel good from the inside in every situation, we are changing things for the better. There is no rule  that forces us to be feeling sad or angry. We can choose the way we feel and act.

Be conscious of your feelings and choose to be happy!




3 thoughts on “The Power of Choice – 1 Minute Read

  1. Andererseits, wenn wir uns von innen in jeder Situation gut fühlen, ändern wir die Dinge zum besseren. Es gibt keine Regel, die zwingt uns zu fühlen traurig oder wütend. Wir können wählen, wie wir fühlen und handeln.
    That’s what I think, all this love time.

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      1. Bitte gerne aber ich war es nicht (*L*) Bing Hat es übersetz , das ich was mit meine Leben Liebe Hass Freude Neid Erfolg und gegen Satz uzw , und vieles mehr Hängt von uns ab wie wir leben Handeln ,,, innere frieden Starkt uns .!!!!


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