The way you feel right now is not a coincidence. 

Are you attracting health or sickness? You may not notice it, but everyone of us is attracting different stages of health. The way you feel right now is not a coincidence, but it is the result of actions and thoughts you have created in the past. The same way as our actions create effects, our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts are sending out vibrations and these vibrations are attracting whatever we think about. The same goes for our feelings, so be aware of your emotions.

Think about this famous story: In the morning the alarm clock rings. The person gets out from the bed, hits his foot against the night table and starts to be angry. This anger will continue throughout the day and the day will end up to be horrible. Most likely he will spill coffee, miss the bus and arrive late at work. Does that sound familiar?

The truth is, the day ended up to be bad, because the intention and thoughts were bad to begin with. One small incident has caused a chain reaction of bad events.

The same goes for our health. People are able to think themselves sick. They actually created a season for being sick: flu season. During flu season most people are waiting to get sick and catch the flu. However, with a few easy steps this can be prevented. One step is to stop thinking about getting sick or being sick and start thinking about being healthy instead.

Stay tuned for steps and tricks about attracting health and happiness!



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